Alpha Trains

Alpha Trains is the leading rolling stock lessor to the continental European rail market managing over €2.6bn of assets. Its fleet comprises 422 passenger trains and 363 locomotives, which are used by both private and public train operators across multiple EU / EFTA countries. Alpha Trains is based in Luxembourg and has operational bases in Antwerp and Cologne. 
Alpha Trains provides critical infrastructure for daily passenger commuting and haulage of freight cargo.  Its assets are leased under long term contracts and have lives of more than 25-30 years.  It operates in a technically complex industry with multi-country safety, engineering and signalling requirements. Alpha Trains benefits from efficiencies as a market leader and has sufficient scale to manage the assets effectively.
The European rail market has favourable dynamics as more European markets liberalise to allow private sector participation in provision of rolling stock and private sector freight and passenger services.  This combined with the supportive green agenda, investment in new freight corridors and electrified lines have encouraged more travel and goods transportation via rail and provide support to private sector rolling stock being a fundamental component of European transportation.
In acquiring Angel Trains, the Arcus team saw the opportunity to separate out and restructure the European business (now renamed Alpha Trains) from the UK business, which had different drivers and a different operating environment. Seeing this, the Arcus acquisition team used their many years of experience in the leasing of rolling stock to gain significant competitive advantage in the acquisition.
Since acquisition, and the separation and restructuring of the Alpha Trains to allow operation on a standalone basis, Arcus has led shareholder efforts to ensure success by providing practical help with the next phase of positioning the company to grow as the European rolling stock market continues to liberalise, and maintain its market leading position.

Alpha Trains has also signed contracts to procure and finance 13 new passenger trains manufactured by Stadler and has entered into 12-15 year operating leases for two German passenger transport concessions commencing between December 2017 and December 2018. These will increase Alpha’s passenger train fleet to 435 units. Alpha has also procured 16 locomotives from Siemens and Stadler, to be delivered in 2017. Backed by long term leases, these will increase Alpha's locomotive fleet to 380.
Neil Krawitz is the Asset Manager responsible for Alpha Trains.


Last Updated August 2016.