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Providing inherently sustainable assets to support the infrastructure of the future and the world it enables

Why sustainability
matters to us

At Arcus, sustainability is never an after thought.

As an infrastructure investment business, it is top of mind for us and threads through everything we do, from our strategic approach to our enabling operations and outcomes. We see our role as deeply custodial and committed.

Our ESG approach

We deliberately and systematically integrate ESG risks and opportunities into our origination, asset management and exit decisions. We consistently act in the best interests of our investors and other stakeholders, creating responsible investee companies that are able to generate sustainable value and long-term returns.

Each year we revisit and refresh key ESG risks and opportunities, measure these against the previous years’ objectives, and reset new objectives for the next year. It’s why we’re a GRESB infrastructure leader year on year, our funds are classified as SFDR Article 8 and we have a focus on 13 of the 17 SDGs.

ESG policy

Our public ESG policy is reviewed annually and applies to all our members, employees and contractors, and to all our processes and portfolios. It sets out our ESG objectives, the ESG principles we follow, the ESG Committee’s terms of reference and guidelines, our approach to investor reporting, and the ESG training we provide to our team.The aim of our policy is to enhance our investee companies’ management of ESG factors over time. You can find the details in our ESG Policy.


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Investment lifecycle

We believe that investing responsibly protects our investors’ interests. We actively identify, intervene in and report on ESG issues early in and through every stage of the investment life cycle. You can read more about how we do that in our Sustainability Report.


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Climate approach

Oversight of climate-related risks and opportunities is embedded in our entire investment lifecycle, starting with the pre-investment due diligence stage -where assessments are made and next steps identified - right through to post investment, where we proactively work with investee companies to mitigate physical and transition climate change risks and maximise opportunities. 

Arcus began TCFD reporting in 2020 and became an official TCFD supporter in 2021, further reinforcing our commitment towards climate action and disclosure.


We actively support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations Member States in 2015. We focus on 13 SDGs where we can effect the greatest impact, and which are most congruent with our investment strategy and the long-term trends we’ve identified in core European markets-a decarbonised economy, dramatic demographic shifts and an unprecedented data explosion.


SDG Goals

Sustainability-related disclosures

We release disclosure statements on the Arcus European Infrastructure Fund 3 (AEIF3), Arcus European Infrastructure Fund 2 (AEIF2)and Arcus European Trains (AET) in compliance with Article 10 (1) of the European Union Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).These Funds promote environmental and social characteristics and, as such, are subject to Article 8 of SFDR.


AEIF2 disclosure


AEIF3 disclosure


AET disclosure

We embrace a diverse and inclusive work environment

We believe that diversity of perspective, personal experience and professional expertise can only lead to better decision-making, unfettered innovation, and an enriched work culture – all of which provide us with a distinct competitive advantage.

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Female senior management

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Our ESG team manages ESG integration within Arcus and our portfolio companies.

Drawn from the disciplines of origination and asset management, the team meets quarterly and, as set out in our ESG policy:

  • Assists with policy and procedure
  • Assists with external compliance and reporting
  • Ensures ongoing ESG improvement programmes and training
  • Responds to ESG investor reporting
  • Contributes to social and environmental charitable initiatives
  • Measures and improves ESG KPIs
  • Manages ad hoc ESG matters

Our investee companies each have a dedicated asset manager who identifies and manages ESG risks and opportunities, with specific ESG objectives tied to their annual personal objectives. 

In fact, all investment professionals at Arcus undergo annual ESG training and are expected to keep abreast of ESG trends and updates.

Bansi Dhillon

ESG Executive

Ian Harding

Managing Partner

Jenni Chan


Kaj Bakker

Senior ESG Director

Neil Krawitz

Partner, Head of ESG and Asset Management

Shirene Madani

Investment Director

Tanja Vocke

ESG Executive

Our ESG journey

Since the very start of our journey, sustainability has informed every investment we make. We invest responsibly and in the best interests of all our stakeholders – and the world in which we operate. As we move forward, we’ll find new ways to innovate, improve and impact the future.

Community engagement

Supporting and sponsoring social and environmental upliftment is central to our ethos.

We encourage all our Partners and employees to fundraise, volunteer, and contribute to charitable organisations and initiatives they’re passionate about. And we match the funding of select initiatives each year.

Community engagement
Community engagement
Community engagement

ESG assessments and affiliations

Our portfolio

We’ve invested over €7.4bn of equity capital in 21 European infrastructure businesses since inception.

Our Policies and Disclosures 


Arcus Sustainability Report

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UK Stewardship Code

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Public Disclosure

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Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

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ESG Policy

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